Our Services

Strategic Planning: Guiding firms and practice groups in determining their future direction, analyzing law firms' competitive environments, planning retreats, assessing alternative plans for growth and expansion.

Mergers and Acquisitions: Helping firms consider whether merger/acquisition is appropriate for their needs, identifying suitable merger/acquisition targets, analyzing feasibility and conducting due diligence, coordinating merger discussions, suggesting solutions to merger issues and facilitating implementation.

Partner Compensation: Designing customized compensation plans to encourage and reward partner contributions to firm success, training how to incorporate the compensation system as a planning tool, structuring capital and withdrawal plans, counseling firms on how to implement their plan.

Financial Management: Analyzing economic performance and devising strategies for improvement, creating tools to assist in analyzing profitability, designing alternative pricing approaches for firm services, assisting firms address economic issues including lease renegotiations, debt restructuring, and addressing unfunded retirement obligations.


Firm Management: Assessing the structure and quality of firm management and devising ways to improve the leadership and decision-making.

RFP Response and Client Proposals: Assisting firms in responding to requests for proposal including pricing alternatives and value-added service options.

Lateral, Practice Group and Executive Search: Assisting firms in needs analysis, development of position descriptions, candidate profiles, search, screening, evaluation of potential candidates, and hiring recommendations.

Risk Management Analysis: Function as an consultant analyzing and developing business policy and procedures designed to minimize the potential for circumstances which could give rise to liability claims, and reduce professional liability insurance expenses.

General Counseling: Function as an in-house consultant to be a catalyst for new ideas and analyze potential impact of new ideas and programs.